32 years in this business means you can count on reliability, strength, experience & commitment to only the highest quality work. But even though we offer the highest quality parts & restoration, guaranteed, our rates are very competitive with other restoration shops - please check for yourself & see. We encourage people to "Do Their Homework" first. We know you will be glad you did.

We offer "kits" for '49 - '51 Fords. For jobs other than kits, we charge a flat shop rate, we give free estimates & can do jobs from written contracts. For folks out of the Southern California are, we provide video tapes of the job in progress, so people can see where and how their money is being spent. Unlike the stock market, woodies are a rock solid investment! You should protect that investment & have your wagon professionally restored!


Doug & Suzy Carr
Owners of "The Wood N' Carr"

We can do total wagon restorations from beginning to end! We have assembled a great team of seasoned experts in our area to handle motor work, upholstery, chrome, metal work & paint, & we can arrange & manage all these phases for the customer & we do not charge for this service. We try to make it easier on the customer. Besides the wood, we can do new glass, channel, & any & all fasteners, screws & hardware.

We can do custom & modified wagons besides restoring cars to original condition. We work on original woodies and hot rods. We do customs and "phantom" or one-of-a-kind projects from artwork conception drawings.

We offer woodie logo t-shirts for $17 each. Sorry, we do not accept credit cards at this time. Please send check, money order or cashier's check along with the correct size, M, L, XL & XXL. We will ship the same day. Famous Tom Taylor 6-color woodie design.

We can assist you in selling your woodie or help you locate a woodie to buy. We also do appraisals for insurance purposes. Novice? Not sure what to look for? We can help! We are the antique auto wood specialists.

Our t-shirt
M, L, XL or XXL

2345 Walnut Avenue, Signal Hill, California 90755
Phone: (562) 498-8730 - Fax: (562) 985-3360
Email: SuzyQ22222@aol.com

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